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Straight dudes think they're too cool or too busy to learn how to cook, maybe There's a whole masculinity angle, I bet

WHAT Um...  no, my dad was straight, both of my ex's are straight, and heaven forbid the wife wants to cook in their house.  However, both my dad's parents took turns cooking.  My dad did make sure I knew how to cook breakfast, pasta, and bake.  He also made sure I knew how to follow a recipe, but once I showed I understood, I was banished from the kitchen unless I was making lunch or a snack for me and my brother.  If my brother learned how to cook it was after I moved out I have literally been around the world,(California -Florida over water, Florida to Washington over land) I have lived in 4 different time zones, 5 states. I visited at least 9 countries, I have been exposed to COUNTLESS cultures and studied even more of them.  Depending on where/when you grew up heavily depends on who cooks in the family. In my adopted family, EVERYBODY cooks. There is six of of, we all have an assigned day, mine is Wed (though Blue tries to get one of the STRAIGHT MALE children to cook inst

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